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The Launch of The Imperial Flump King - and other short stories - April 14th.

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Glasgow has long been a supporter of Hawkshead Brewery, which is why sales manager Ben Ray asked for a bar in Glasgow to take part in this rather lovely event, rather than a bar in a city 45 miles east of here. We're pretty stoked to be asked, given we're a bit of a johnny-cum-lately to a line up of (the legendary) North Bar, The Rake, Heaton Hops and the brewery's own Taproom in Staveley. 

Thankfully, we're only part time amateurs at this game, and we'd been keeping a couple of kegs back waiting for something to turn up. The Launch of The Imperial Flump King is just that occasion. And this will be the line up on Saturday April 14th.

Northern Imperial Stout - 9.5% Imperial Stout
Chocolate Northern Imperial Stout - 9.5%... you get the picture.
Tiramisu - 10% Lactose and Coffee Imperial Stout
The Imperial Flump King - 10% Lactose and Marshmallow Imperial Stout
Unfashionably Late - 7.4% DDH Hazy IPA
Here She Gose - 4.5% Peach Gose

We'll be running a flight system for those who want to try all of them. For £19.50 you'll get 6 Hawkshead branded bottle caps (Value 1/3rd of EACH beer) and a glass. Just bring the glass and a bottle cap up to the bar when you're ready for the next 1/3 until you're all out of bottle caps. Or just buy as you go. Its a freestyle event. 

All Hail the Flump King. 


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