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We HEART Oslo, ToØL v's Evil Twin & other stuff

It's been a while since we made fuss about the beer board, because if December is the month for amateur drinking, January is the time for retirements. Thankfully, we are now out of the misery that comes with our annual collective hangover, including the guilt, dread and foreboding that comes with the advent of another year of this pointless existence.

Anyway, enough of all the cheery chat, we've decided to make some changes. As with all new concepts, we're still feeling our way a bit here. We tried cask, but cask beers don't work. It seems you don't want them. We throw more away than we sell. (Similarly, meat sticks, although this is less of a concern for a beer bar than not being able to sell beer). So we've decided that more is more, and less safe is safer. The cask lines are going to become lambic lines. Yes, you read that right. Lambic lines. We'll be all Lambix'd up, at least two sour beer lines from stellar Belgian & UK producers, including permanent Boon Gueuze tap and then rotating CASK lambic stuffs. If that doesn't float your boat, have a word with yourself. 

Koeslchip Yard by name, and all that. 

Also, we've got some humdinger events coming up. Check out this wee list. 

February 14th - We HEART Oslo
Next Wednesday we'll have 9 beers on draught from Norway's Amundsen. These include Apocalyptic Thunder Juice, plus Dessert Pecan & Maple, Dessert Marshmallow and Dessert Chocolate Mud Cake. 

March 14th - ToØL v's Evil Twin
Nothing says we love you more than offering you the opportunity to fight mindlessly over which ludicrously strong beer is the best. We will have the complete soon to be released 'Mr' Series, from ToØL and a line up from Evil Twin which will make your wallet cry and your doctor nervous. Including 'I've Always Felt Closer to IPA's than I did People'.

April 12th - A lot of lovely Burning Sky
Some truly wonderful beers from Burning Sky including session pale Arise, Easy Answers IPA plus Cuvee, Anniversaire and new bretted Belgian pale, Recusant. 

End of May - BFM
This is tentative on dates, but we'll have at least 8 kegs in from the sublime BFM. 

Earlier Event: December 31
Hogmanay tickets - 2017
Later Event: March 22
Siren's 5th Birthday - March 22nd