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We HEART Oslo, ToØL v's Evil Twin & other stuff

It's been a while since we made fuss about the beer board, because if December is the month for amateur drinking, January is the time for retirements. Thankfully, we are now out of the misery that comes with our annual collective hangover, including the guilt, dread and foreboding that comes with the advent of another year of this pointless existence.

Anyway, enough of all the cheery chat, we've decided to make some changes. As with all new concepts, we're still feeling our way a bit here. We tried cask, but cask beers don't work. It seems you don't want them. We throw more away than we sell. (Similarly, meat sticks, although this is less of a concern for a beer bar than not being able to sell beer). So we've decided that more is more, and less safe is safer. The cask lines are going to become lambic lines. Yes, you read that right. Lambic lines. We'll be all Lambix'd up, at least two sour beer lines from stellar Belgian & UK producers, including permanent Boon Gueuze tap and then rotating CASK lambic stuffs. If that doesn't float your boat, have a word with yourself. 

Koeslchip Yard by name, and all that. 

Also, we've got some humdinger events coming up. Check out this wee list. 

February 14th - We HEART Oslo
Next Wednesday we'll have 9 beers on draught from Norway's Amundsen. These include Apocalyptic Thunder Juice, plus Dessert Pecan & Maple, Dessert Marshmallow and Dessert Chocolate Mud Cake. 

March 14th - ToØL v's Evil Twin
Nothing says we love you more than offering you the opportunity to fight mindlessly over which ludicrously strong beer is the best. We will have the complete soon to be released 'Mr' Series, from ToØL and a line up from Evil Twin which will make your wallet cry and your doctor nervous. Including 'I've Always Felt Closer to IPA's than I did People'.

April 12th - A lot of lovely Burning Sky
Some truly wonderful beers from Burning Sky including session pale Arise, Easy Answers IPA plus Cuvee, Anniversaire and new bretted Belgian pale, Recusant. 

End of May - BFM
This is tentative on dates, but we'll have at least 8 kegs in from the sublime BFM. 

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to Jan 1

Hogmanay tickets - 2017

Hogmanay is nearly here. A night out is imminent. Consumption abound (drinking and eating, not TB). 

We've decided to close the doors here on December 31st and hold a ticket only event. Tickets include 5 drink tokens which entitle you to a mix of draught beer (2/3rd or 1/3rd depending on the board displayed measure), wines by the glass & soft drinks. There will be snacks and music and nice times.

You'll be able to come and go as you please all night, unless you're a gibbering mess and then the law states that we must blindfold you, spin you around 6 times and send you toward moving traffic. Or may be it suggests we send you home. Whatever the laws states we'll comply with, but whatever that is, it doesn't include letting you drink any more delicious beer booze. 

We will also have music, snacks and fun times. Boogie potential is high.

The beer list is unlikely to be boring, and will 100% certainly include the following... we'll add more as the week's pass. 

Thornbridge - Lukas - Helles
Ayinger - Celebrator - Doppelbock
The Kernel - TBC - IPA
Tempest - Old Parochial - Blended Scotch Ale
6DN - Cherry Chopper - Barrel Aged Chopper Stout w/ cherries
The Kernel / Off Colour - Biere De Saison; Honey - Ludicrously delicious saison.
Magic Rock - TBC
Wild Beer Co - TBC
Northern Monk - Sticky Toffee Strannik - Imperial Stout
After the Harvest - BA Farmhouse Pale Blend - first beer from Jonny Bright, former brewer at Brodies and Weird Beard
Beavertown Tempus Project - Sacch Trois - IPA

3 more TBC

Wylam / Hawskhead - Pleasures in the Darkness - Imperial Stout
Fallen /BrewDog Glasgow - Big Raspberry Dog Chew - Imperial Stout

Tickets are £30 per person and can be found HERE

We can't refund once tickets have been purchased, but if you need to sell your tickets on let us know and we'll do what we can to help.

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to Dec 14

Come in from the Cold - A night of Scandi beer

On the 13th of December, which is a Wednesday, we're celebrating this lovely cold weather by bringing you 12 kegs from some of the most interesting breweries in Scandinavia.

Draught list looks like this..

Dry & Bitter - Simcoe Bale Ale
Dry & Bitter / Barrier - Off the Cuff
Rocket Brewing - First Contact
Rocket Brewing - Zero Gravity
Rocket Brewing - Closer to the Sun
To ØL - Sur Amarillo
Mikkeller - Crooked Moon Tattoo DIPA

Dugges - Orange Haze
Dugges - Shape Shifter
Beerbliotek - A Generous Pour
Beerbliotek - Bourbon Barrel Aged Eternal Darkness

Amundsen - Hopbliminal Messages

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Thornbridge - November 22nd

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 14.40.59.png

As the poster above suggests, on November 22nd we are being paid a visit by the most diverse brewery in the UK. To describe any brewery as 'the best' is too subjective, there are too many variables. Describing Thornbridge as the most diverse shouldn't get too many arguments. Take 2016, a year in which they first produced what is now the highly regarded Helles, Lukas and the ground breaking Serpent (a barrel aged Belgian golden ale blended with Cider lees aged in bourbon... which, incidentally, is tasting incredible now) and won not only Gold at the World Beer Cup, but also Silver, for their first BA sours; Days of Creation and Love Among the Ruins. Oh, and the ruinously drinkable IPA, Huck and a myriad of rotational cask beers, and numerous one off's in keg, and stalwarts such as Jaipur, Kipling etc etc. It's tricky to master one style, it's no exaggeration to say that Thornbridge have mastered most. 

This is what will be on the board and in the fridges..
2yr old cask St Petersburg
Dry Hopped Jaipur
Baize (Mint Chocolate Stout)

Watermelon Sour
Fika (Cold Brew Coffee Stout)
Melba (Peach IPA)
Prospero (Koln Style IPA - collab w/North Brewing)
Belgian Halcyon (Belgian IPA - aged for experimental purposes)
Bang Saray (Thai Spiced Pale Ale)
Galaxia (Pale Ale)
Cocoa Wonderland (Chocolate Porter)
Secale (Imperial Rye ESB)

Days of Creation
Love Among the Ruins

AND... if you're up for a tasting of some dangerously tasty winter beers, our pal over at Grunting Growler has Meghan Waites, Thornbridge Brand Ambassador in for a tasting on the 23rd and tickets are £10. Contact details at

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Burnt Mill - From Suffolk with Love

Suffolk. It's flat and Adnams are there. And Aspall's cider, and Green King and some other stuff. If you're keen on a crash course history lesson, try the first Darkness album. You'll learn about ghost dogs, poor 'A' roads and heroin addiction. 


In recent times, in addition to the excellent Adnams, Little Earth Beer have popped up and now, Burnt Mill.  Based on a farm in idyllic countryside between Needham Market and Stowmarket, these guys are only a few months in and getting some notable fuss. 

Sandwiched nicely between Wild Beer Co and Thornbridge - like a tasty piece of craft cheese - on November 15th, Charles O'Reilly, owner and founder of Burnt Mill, will be in the bar to talk philosophy, starting up a brewery in rural Suffolk and beer. We'll have 3 beers on draught, and a different 3 in cans which Charles will lead a tasting through from 7.30pm. No tickets, just rock up. We'll have space for around 15 folk... nae snoozin'.

Beers on.....draught
Stack Yard - 3.8% Wheat Ale w/ Mosaic, Monroe & Enigma
Tulum - 4.8% Pineapple Gose
Layers - 8% Imperial Stout

Beer in..... can
Pintle - 4.3% Pale Ale
Green Path - 6% West Coast IPA
Eastview - 6.2% East Coast IPA

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