Our first 'non event'... Some beer from Northern Monk

It feels words like 'Event' or 'Launch' seem to have become bywords for 'warning' rather than invitations to a night of fun, recently. For example, the phrase 'ah Christ, really? Another fecking event? Can't we just go down the pub in peace and enjoy a non pint of something inexplicably weird without having to have some non pint drinking inexplicably weird beer person talk to us about the vagaries of house yeasts?' has been uttered on more than one occasion, probably. 

So we've decide not to have an event, or launch anything, on October 11th. Instead we're going to put some rather excellent new beers on the bar from the rather excellent not that new brewery, Northern Monk, who are based in the delightfully Yorkshire based city of Leeds. They have also recently employed the fabled yeast fondler, Colin Stronge. He had nothing to do with these beers, though.

Draught List
Mango Lassi Heathen IPA
Northern Tropics Passionfruit Lassi
Flourish - berry milkshake pale ale
Captain North - Patron's Project collab w/ Ben Mathers and Verdant.
Dark City - Milk Stout w/De Molen
Slam Dank - Patrons Project w/Jon Simmons
Striding Edge

These will be on from opening on the 11th (that's 4pm)..

We will be having another non event on the 8th of November, with the very woody Wild Beer Co.

Jamie Wightman