The work begins... (click here to read on)

To cut to the chase, as there is no wifi here and I want to get home for my tea... we've taken on a bar in Glasgow's Southside. It was called Kelly's (picture, provided as exhibit A) and will soon be called Koelschip Yard. The logo on the holding page is a work in progress, before anyone points out that it's not finished.

The general concept will be around good beer (it used to be called 'craft', but though 'good' is subjective, at least it doesn't require a five year long argument around it's definition). 

There will be 14 keg lines of good beer, and 2 cask lines of good beer. There will be a further 50-60 different good beers in can and bottle format. There will also be some good wine, good spirits  and good soft drinks. 

We won't be serving pints. All 2/3rds and 1/3rds. It's really not a big deal, but best to get it out the way now. You know, so we're all still pals.

We'll keep you updated, planned opening date is September 8th. 

Jamie Wightman