Breakeven keg, what's that?

Craft beer is expensive, right? Beer should be sold in pints, cost slightly less than fuck all and if you even think of growing a beard prior to consumption you're sure to be labeled a pretentious belter for having the audacity to care about the liquid you're consuming. Or so we've been told, a few times.

In response we've decided to steal an idea off the ridiculously talented guys at Bramble Bar in Edinburgh. A couple of years ago they started 'Breakeven bottle'. The concept was to get people to head down to try something that, at a normal bar margin, would be ludicrously unaffordable. The intention in part is to drive custom, but it also introduces people to things that they'd normal stay the hell away from. It may turn out that they stay the hell away from those things because they don't like the taste. The hope is that most folk care a lot less about finding that out if it hasn't cost them £25 for 25ml.

We love the idea, so the first Thursday of every month we're going to put on a 'Breakeven Keg'. The reality of which is if we actually put all our beers on at those margins we'd be bust in three months, but we hope it'll encourage people to try things they wouldn't normally think to try. 

Tomorrow we put on Rustique, it's a 6% Brett IPA collab between those fun time Norwegian yeast botherers Lervig, and some brewery in Huddersfield called 'Magic Rock'. We've heard they're decent. A schooner will be £3.50 and once it's gone it's very much gone (there was only one in Scotland, apparently).

So that's what a breakeven keg is, we hope you like it.

Jamie Wightman