Max Sour - We'll be having a Wild (Beer Co) time.

The week commencing November 6th, New Wave (distributor of good beer in Scotland) are hosting a week devoted to Sour beer. In juxtaposition to the current trend for New England style hazy juice, they've raised a call to arms, to remember that there are other tremendous beer styles out there. First up, sours... 

We asked nicely if we could host The Wild Beer Co for our event for that week, because we rather like The Wild Beer Co. Our wish was granted and then sealed with a kiss, when we were told that Andrew Cooper, co-founder of The Wild Beer Co, would be travelling up for the night to hang out and host a tasting of some interesting bottles.

The draught list will look something like this.
Jambo - Imperial Stout w/ Raspberries and Cocoa
Wildebeest - Imperial Stout w/ vanilla & extra Imperialness.

Evolver - 2015
Breakfast of Champignons - 2016
Billionaire - 2016
The Blend - Winter - 2015
Barrel Aged Yadokai - 2014
Modus Operandi - 2015
Smoke 'n' Barrels Winter - 2016
Sleeping Lemons Export
Foeder Hop - Foeder beer dry hopped with Simcoe - New
Shnipple Shnapp - Passionfruit + Hibiscus + Pink Peppercorns - New

And for those who don't fancy experimenting, we'll keep the Lukas, Long White Cloud and Peloton Pils on the bar.

This all kicks off at 4pm on November 8th (that's a Wednesday) and we'll start the bottle tasting at 7pm... there will only be space for around 15 people, and there are no tickets. We'll just do it on the basis that if you're there first, you're in.

In addition that week we'll have a keg or two on from Little Earth Project, and an almost three year old keg of Elgood's Coolship Blonde (given the name, we couldn't not). 

Jamie Wightman